October 7, 2014 - Consultant's Overview and Briefing to Council

September 30, 2014 - Land Use Master Plan Briefing Memo from Interim CAO Grant McRadu

Public Feedback period is now closed. Thank you to all residents for their submissions. 

Feedback collected leading up to, at and subsequent to the September 8 Open House will be presented to Council after the September 22 cut off date for their consideration at the Regular Council meeting on October 7, 2014. This Council meeting will also include identification of Council priorities, recommendations and next steps in relation to the Land Use Master Plan for deliberation by the incoming newly elected Council November 15th of this year. 

Public feedback received by the Village can be reviewed* by clicking here (all submissions up to deadline)

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*Names or other details may have been redacted at the author's request under Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act. Some submissions have been withheld entirely at the request of the author(s).

What IS the Land Use Master Plan (LUMP)?

  • It is a strategic document to guide community discussion and council decisions regarding future changes to land use.
  • The primary purpose of this plan is to explore suitable locations for various types of housing appropriate to Lions Bay, along with strategies to support their uptake.
  • The Plan builds off policy directions in the current Official Community Plan (OCP) adopted in 2009, and will guide future OCP changes.
  • It is anticipated that the LUMP will lead to incremental updates to the OCP driven by specific land use and development proposals. 
  • It is not anticipated that the LUMP will be adopted as a by-law or lead to wholesale revisions to the current OCP.  
  • The Plan is a single tool to be used in conjunction with other tools; one step in a process of many steps, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainability in the Village. 
  • This plan identifies strategic priorities and implementation considerations including regulatory processes and technical aspects such as infrastructure provision, access, parking and topography, 
  • The LUMP further recommends  community consultation and engagement to be carried out as part of the consideration and approval of all new housing developments in the Village as individual proposals and associated changes to the OCP come forward.
  • The LUMP also identifies technical considerations specifically related to infrastructure and topography that must be addressed in concert with development.

The LUMP is NOT:

  • an amendment or update to the OCP
  • a zoning bylaw amendment
  • a development plan or proposal

Additional information and resources: 

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