2017 Smithrite Schedule

2017 Waste Control Services Schedule


The "Green Can"

Since January 2015, Metro Vancouver started to ban organic waste from the landfill. For Lions Bay this change will eventually result in reduced waste management costs, and help the environment.

Lions Bay will comply with the organics ban by providing to residents the following in addition to our weekly garbage pickup:

  • Smithrite will commence a weekly pickup of Green Waste.
  • Green waste (yard clippings) are combined with food scraps/compostables in one can,  referred to as the Green Can.  
  • The Village will not be providing the Green Cans.  
  • Lidded cans may be the minimum size of 10 gallons/45 litres or maximum 31 gallon/140 litre and be labeled Green Can.
  • The 26 gallon/120 litre animal resistant bins are highly recommended and can be purchased by order via the Village Office.
  • Green Can labels are available at no cost at the Village Office.

Click here for detailed information about your "green can" and what goes in (and stays out!)


Landfill Information

Large items can be disposed of at the North Shore Transfer Station located at 30 Riverside Drive in North Vancouver (604-521-1715). Please note that the Squamish Landfill will not accept residents outside of their jurisdiction.


A third of the garbage in our landfills is organic material that could have been composted and used to enhance the environment. Metro Vancouver, along with your municipality, manages the region’s waste and will ban organic materials (including food) from waste facilities starting in 2015.  

As stated in the Lions Bay Official Community Plan bylaw 420, Lions Bay is committed to supporting Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Objectives.

Want more information about green initiatives in Lions Bay? Visit the Lions Bay Green Community facebook page

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