Resident Parking Permits are required for 'Resident Parking Only' areas

There are several areas of Lions Bay which are designated as 'Resident Parking Only'.  These areas are:  

  • Lower Kelvin Grove (Tidewater Way, Sweetwater Place, Periwinkle Place) and portions of Lions Bay Beach Parking Lot and Kelvin Grove Beach Parking Lot
  • Brunswick Beach
  • Top of Oceanview Road
  • Lions Bay Avenue
  • Seaview Place

Two complimentary resident parking passes are included with the property tax notices and expire at the end of July in the next year.  If the pass is lost or if additional passes are required, there is a $40 charge for each pass. Residents may obtain parking passes from the Village Office if they wish to park in these areas to avoid being issued a parking ticket or being towed. If residents are planning a social gathering where guests would require parking in these areas, temporary 1 day passes can be issued from the Village Office which are valid in Resident Parking Only zones. 

A portion of Kelvin Grove and Lions Bay parking lots have been designated as 'Visitor Parking', with the rest being Resident Parking Only. Day passes may be purchased from the Lions Bay Marina for $15  and must be clearly displayed on the dash. Similarly, day passes may be purchased from the Village Office for $15 which are valid for all Resident Parking Only zones.



The Parking Committee was constituted in Fall 2015 and worked diligently over the winter and spring on the various aspects of parking issues facing Lions Bay. Residents were surveyed and a draft plan was received by Council at the May 3, 2016 Regular Council Meeting. At the May 17, 2016 Regular Council Meeting, the following resolutions were passed:

  1. Parking Type: THAT the Parking Plan Committee continue with this work until it is complete;
  2. Resident Permit Decal: THAT further research be undertaken by the Committee for a new design for resident decals (and other temporary passes) for next year. [Clear stickers already ordered for this year];
  3. Guest Pass: THAT:
  • The name of the Guest Pass be changed to “Daily Guest Parking Permit” or “Daily Guest Parking Pass”;
  • Online sales of the Daily Guest Parking Pass be terminated;
  • Increase the cost of the Daily Guest Parking Pass to $2.00 each; [Not passed - resolution decreases cost from $1.00 to No Charge];
  • Clarify that the Daily Guest Parking Pass is not valid in Visitor Parking stalls as these are very limited in number and are, or should be, time restricted (eg: 3 hours); and
  • Clarify that it is the Daily Guest Parking Pass that should be used for a resident’s party, not an “Event Pass” (indeed, there should be no such thing as an “Event Pass” – just make the defined events “free parking” anywhere that a Resident or Visitor could park;
  1. Towing Policy: THAT the 2016 Towing Policy be deferred to the June 7, 2016 Council meeting;
  2. Metered Parking and Reallocation of Space at the Lions Bay Beach Parking Lot: THAT the Committee undertake further research and formulate a proposal with detailed revenue and expense projections that can be worked into the 2017 budget, if adopted by Council;
  3. Lions Bay Beach Parking Lot: THAT:
  • The daily rate for the Lions Bay Beach Parking Lot blue passes be increased to $15;
  • The Committee work with the Marina to improve the process by which they sell these passes and record the sales data, including a requirement that a boat trailer counts as a separate vehicle requiring a pass, whether attached to a motor vehicle or not and that the pass is only valid for the Lions Bay Beach Parking Lot;
  • Visitor parking be limited to 3 hours in order to produce more turnover and align with the same time limit at Kelvin Grove Beach Park; and
  • Council consider increasing the number of free, 3 hour Visitor stalls by moving the current signage;
  1. Sunset Drive: THAT Resident Permit Parking Only be eliminated at the Sunset Drive entrance to the Lions Trail;
  2. Lower Kelvin Grove Parking Lot THAT:
  • An additional 2 (or more) visitor spaces be created in the Lower Kelvin Grove Parking Lot to help alleviate on-street parking issues; and
  • Staff and the Parking Plan Committee continue to study the issues at this particular location to determine the best approach;
  1.  Brunswick Beach: THAT:
  • Given the lack of Village jurisdiction, staff continue to work with MOTI and their contractor, Miller Capilano, to manage parking in the Highway 99 Rights of Way adjacent to the Brunswick Beach neighbourhood;
  • Staff install a sign at the entrance to the Brunswick Beach neighbourhood saying “Resident Parking Only – Permit Required”; and
  • Staff continue to educate residents as to the jurisdictional issue at the Brunswick Beach location;
  1. Communication: THAT 2016 parking changes be promoted through the website and the Village Update;
  2. Overhaul Signage: THAT we await completion and adoption of Type designations by the Parking Plan Committee;
  3. Improved Enforcement: THAT staff work to ensure clear and consistent enforcement of Village bylaws; and
  4. Parking Related Policies: THAT staff continue to review all parking related policies as aforesaid and ongoing, as time permits. 

View the Draft Parking Plan

View POL-1602: Towing Policy (approved by Council June 7, 2016)

Two new Bylaw Enforcement Officers have been hired to provide bylaw enforcement services to the Village from May through September. Please offer a warm Lions Bay welcome to Chris and Phil if you see them making their rounds.