Council has adopted a Strategic Plan for the balance of its term through the Fall of 2018 aimed at ensuring a strong and viable Lions Bay. Council identified five strategic focus areas: 

Organizational Stability
Community Planning

The Strategic Plan delves into each of these focus areas and lists the priorities for the next two years. The overarching goal of the current Council is to work towards ensuring the Village of Lions Bay is a strong and viable municipality for many years to come. In setting this goal Council recognizes the interdependency of the five strategic areas and the significant challenges facing the Village including major infrastructure and planning needs.  

The Strategic Plan is a guiding reference document for Council and staff in terms of allocating the resources necessary to prepare and implement workplans required to meet the identified challenges of the goals and objectives of Council. Throughout the strategic planning and priority setting exercise, careful consideration was given to the Official Community Plan and other policy and planning documents and best practices. The incremental approach chosen by Council will provide opportunities for the community to give feedback on the objectives and initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan as those initiatives are brought forward. 

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