Please be Aware - COUGAR sighted on Isleview Place. - August 23, 2016

The Village has received a report that a cougar was sighted in a garden on Isleview Place. 
For more information on cougars: BC Environment safety guide to cougars


Did you know? Only one coyote sighting has been reported to the RAPP line since June 3rd despite numerous sightings in the Village. Accurate and timely reporting affects response!

It is imperative to report sightings to the RAPP line! The operator will ask very specific questions about your encounter – this is why it is extremely important for the witness to contact the RAPP line directly at 1-877-952-7277, rather than relaying information through the Village office.  

The Conservation Officers Service has advised their mandate is to ensure public safety, which does not include protection of pets. The COS notes it is the responsibility of homeowners to adjust behaviors and take precautions to reduce risk to pets.

Excerpt from the Conservations Officers Website:

When do Conservation Officers respond?
Conservation Officers do not respond to situations where the complainant can take simple measures to address the problem, such as securing garbage, removing bird seed, or properly managing compost.” 

Please use the following resources to educate yourself, your family and your neighbours about coyotes, behaviors and preventative measures:

Conservation Officer Service

*Coyote Response Fact Sheet

*Pet Safety

*Understanding Urban Coyotes

*How to Co-exist

*Link provided for educational purposes only; the contact information on these links is specific to Vancouver. Please use the RAPP line to report all encounters 1-877-952-7277.


The Village of Lions Bay has achieved Bear Smart community status.  If a resident is seeking information about bears and Bear Smart in Lions Bay check out the Bear Smart page.

Lions Bay's Waste Management Bylaw focuses on areas in the Village where there are regular wildlife and bear interactions. Following calls about bears getting into garbage, residents may receive an "Official Notice" requiring that garbage be placed in secure cans with tight fitting lids. As well, residents will be required to store garbage either indoors or inside a secure enclosure between collection days. Following this notice, residents who fail to securely enclose their garbage could receive a $320 fine.

It is the resident's responsibility to clean up garbage and debris resulting from wildlife accessing unsecured household garbage. 

For more information about what to do if you encounter a bear...click here.

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