Brunswick Beach Traffic and Parking Survey

As part of our efforts to understand traffic and parking issues around the Village, we are asking persons who live in the Brunswick Beach area, and anyone who considers they are affected by traffic and parking regulations in that area, to respond to our survey questions below. 

An additional question has been added in respect of dog access to the water north of Brunswick Point due to the closure of the Kelvin Grove beach access until September because of the Waste Water Treatment Plant replacement project.  

The current status of regulations in the area is as follows:

  • Uses of the foreshore of Brunswick Beach can be regulated (other than Criminal Code provisions, such as those in respect of nudity), but access cannot be prohibited. 
  • Speed limit on Brunswick Beach Road has been lowered to 20 KMH.
  • Traffic data from our vehicle counter and radar device can be accessed here  (with volume including both directions of travel on Brunswick Beach Rd south of the railroad crossing, including recent Public Works vehicles several times a day for the watermain project).
  • Parking spots on Brunswick Beach Rd. on the west side of the railway tracks are very limited in number and are all “Permit Required”.
  • Signage at the top of the hill leading down to Brunswick railway crossing, and at the bottom, clearly indicates there is No Parking without a Permit, No Exit, and No Turnaround (currently there is No Parking on this entry/exit road).
  • Brunswick Interchange Parking Area (approximately 16 parking spots) controlled by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) was closed at the request of the Municipality at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown when the public was being directed to stay close to home and not travel to other communities.
  • MOTI controlled highway shoulders have been signed Towing/No Parking and the parking/rest area at Tunnel Point was also restricted 3 months ago to 30 minute parking, effectively closing the lot to hikers wishing to access the popular Tunnel Bluffs Hiking Trail – online hiking resources now promote searching for parking within Lions Bay.  
  • Crystal Falls Rd contains a few “Permit Required” spots and a few spots open to the public to access either the hiking trails or Brunswick Beach.
  • Animal Control Bylaw No. 461 prohibits dogs on “Brunswick Beach”, which is not defined.
The rationale is that in so doing, it will accommodate public parking in a non-residential location and help reduce the number of vehicles driving into the lower Brunswick Beach neighbourhood looking for parking (and other areas of Lions Bay re. parking for hiking).
Enable parking on the side of the road leading down the hill from the Brunswick Interchange bus stop to the Brunswick railway crossing in order to provide additional parking spots for the general public based on the rationale in question 3.
This will facilitate hikers wanting to access the Tunnel Point Hiking Trails
This is to enable residents from other parts of the Village to access a waterfront area while the Kelvin Grove Beach Park access is closed. This project is expected to be completed by early September.