Erin's Walk

Top of Oceanview Road

We are really happy that this year Erin's Walk is back on, in person. This year marks the
sixth annual walk and seven years since Erin's tragic accident. The walk takes place on
Sunday, December 19th at 10:30 a.m. (rain or shine!), starting at the top of Oceanview
Rd. in Lion's Bay. Please join us after the walk for chili and a hot drink.

We will access Erin's Enchanted Forest via a newly built connecting trail - The Sanctuary
Trail, which true to its name is a tranquil walk alongside a bubbling stream. This will
take us up to the Erin Moore trail (it is officially called that as can be seen on Google
Maps) leading to Erin's Enchanted Forest where we can add to the collection of
colourful toadstools, butterflies, painted rocks and inspirational hangings. Thank you to
John Dudley and his team of trail builders for this new trail that makes our walk a loop
rather than out and back.

If you want to add a decoration to the Enchanted Forest, the theme for this year is
"flowers". You may also choose to dress colourfully. We are grateful, also, to the team
of chili chefs, catering helpers and trail guides who kindly give of their time, energy and
expertise. To assist with catering, please indicate that you will join us by completing
this form.

A special guest at our walk will be Erin's mamgu (grandmother), Christine, who is
joining us all the way from Wales! However, not everyone receiving this email will be in
Canada on the day, so we invite you to join us in spirit by doing your own walk
wherever you may be, taking time to reflect on and remember loved ones lost.
To ensure the safety of all walkers, we are requesting that everyone participating in the
walk with us, and is eligible for vaccination, is fully vaccinated.