Filming in Lions Bay

The community of Lions Bay is supportive of the arts and the film industry, however, we also try balance this with the desire to minimize disruptions to residents. As such, any commercial filming or photography taking place in the Village of Lions Bay requires an application to and a permit from the Municipality.  News media are exempt from this requirement.

We encourage all production companies to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Parking fees are waived for electric vehicles and generators. Please see the link from Creative BC in regards to their Reel Green Initiative.

Please see the policy below for the requirements for a permit:

Filming Policy

Application form

Sample Polling Letter

Some commercial filming may also require polling of impacted residents and approval from council.

For an application form or further information on filming in Lions Bay, please contact the Filming Liaison, Karen Jeffrey, at 604-921-9333, Ext. 1004 or