Filming in Lions Bay

Any commercial filming or photography taking place in the Village of Lions Bay requires an application to and a permit from the Municipality. Additional fees and requirements pertain to filming in Municipal parks or facilities or on Municipal property. Some commercial filming requires polling of impacted residents.

For an application form or further information on filming in Lions Bay, please contact the Filming Liaison, Hayley Cook, at 604-921-9333, Ext. 4 or

Did we get it right?

Earlier this summer, residents were surveyed on a number of questions around filming in Lions Bay. That input, along with a review of the 2009 Filming Policy, the 2014 Filming Committee work and draft 2014 Filming Policy, and observations and input from staff were provided at the July 16th Council meeting (see report and materials here) and considered by Council at the September 17th regular meeting.

Residents are invited to review and comment on the resulting draft policy that came out of the October 15th Council meeting (see draft Commercial Filming Policy No. 2019-02 here). To provide us with your input, email or scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “Send Feedback” button. Comments received by October 30th will be brought to the November 5th Council meeting.