Resident Parking Permits

Resident Parking Permits are required for 'Resident Parking Only' areas of which there are several throughout the Village: 

  • Lower Kelvin Grove (Tidewater Way, Sweetwater Place, Periwinkle Place)
  • Brunswick Beach
  • Top of Oceanview Road
  • Lions Bay Avenue
  • Seaview Place

Two complimentary resident parking passes are included with the property tax notices and expire at the end of July in the next year.  If the pass is lost or if additional passes are required, there is a $40 charge for each pass. Residents may obtain parking passes from the Village Office if they wish to park in these areas to avoid being issued a parking ticket or being towed. If residents are planning a social gathering where guests would require parking in these areas, temporary 1 day passes can be issued from the Village Office which are valid in Resident Parking Only zones.

Parking Tickets

  • PAY a parking ticket online  (To pay online you will need your ticket and licence plate #)
  • DISPUTE a parking ticket

View POL-1602: Towing Policy (approved by Council June 7, 2016)