Due to the effects from the pandemic, Lions Bay beach parks beaches and parking facilities are being strictly managed to promote physical distancing and prevent overcrowding. 

Please drive slowly through our community! The roads are narrow, curvy and steep with no sidewalks. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists and kids playing on the roadways.

Parking penalties  were substantially increased last year and remain high ($195 for most offences). All infractions will be ticketed and may be towed. Parking restrictions are enforced 7 days a week.

NEW! On-Street Pay Parking:

As of the week of June 15, 2021, several areas of Lions Bay will now have on-street pay parking at $2/hour via the Flowbird Parking App. Please ensure you observe street signage carefully and download the FlowBird Parking App to view a map with the applicable areas and be able to process payment to avoid receiving a Bylaw Contravention Notice. Valid Resident and Guest Permits OK. Bylaw Enforcement is active 7 days a week.  




Sunset Parking Lot:

The Sunset Parking lot at the Lions Trailhead is open with pay parking in effect. Please note that purchased parking tickets are non-transferable and if your ticket does not match your licence plate you’ll be issued a parking violation. As well, meter tickets are not “permits” for the purposes of “Permit Required” parking!

Please note that there are only about 15 parking stalls at the Sunset lot and if they are full then you need to look on the east side of Mountain Drive (west side is strictly “permit required”) or use the lower parking lot at the school.

Lions Bay Beach Park and Parking Lot:

The Lions Bay Beach Park is open but with a maximum occupancy of 100 persons at any given time, including the beach and swimming area. The adjacent Lions Bay beach parking lot is now open until further notice with pay parking in effect. Please ensure you purchase a ticket at the meter.

Kelvin Grove Beach Park:

In addition, the Kelvin Grove Beach Park is now open until further notice with pay parking in effect. Street parking in the Kelvin Grove neighbourhood (below and above the highway) is strictly “Permit Required” (Kelvin Grove Way, Tidewater Way, Sweetwater Place and Periwinkle Place).

Additional Current Parking Information:

  • Pay parking is now available on the west side of Bayview Road, from Stewart Rd. to the bottom of the school property (except the 9 perpendicular stalls in front of the school, which are Permit Required stalls). 
  • School Parking Lot Open (Lower gravel lot overflow parking for hikers). NO PARKING on either side of lot entry/exit or in front of, or in any way blocking full access to, the storage containers in the lot.
  • Pay Parking on Mountain Drive (south of Bayview intersection) on the non-residential east side of the street Open (but beware some “Permit Required” spots on east side). 
  • Pay Parking Open on selected areas of Upper Oceanview Road, south of Highview intersection. 
  • Pay Parking available on the upper end of Crystal Falls Rd., per applicable signage.
  • The Brunswick Interchange parking area at the Highway 99 northbound off-ramp is open and free. Please do not drive into the Brunswick Beach neighbourhood. These residential roads are narrow and there is no decent area to turn around, and the few parking spots available are strictly “Permit Required”.

How to Pay for Parking:

  • Sunset Trailhead Parking Lot Open (Portapotty available at gate): Metered parking or use the Flowbird app: $3/hr up to $24/day, 3 day maximum. Kelvin Grove Parking Lot and Lions Bay Beach Parking Lots are open with metered parking only and no overnight parking.
  • Payment for metered parking may be made by coins, credit card, or the Flowbird App.
  • Payment for the limited on-street pay parking noted above must be made via the Flowbird App. Please note the following important information:
    • All on-street pay parking zones fall under 6417, but you cannot search for this zone on the App. If you want to enter it manually, you must turn off location services. It is better to leave on location services, enter a nearby address and let the App tell you where you can park.
    • If you are unable to connect to the internet, lack mobile data or are otherwise unable to pay using the App, do not park in zones that require this method of payment. Failure to pay for ANY reason will result in a ticket.
  • *Download the Flowbird App before you come to Lions Bay to avoid any onsite downloading issues in Lions Bay where cellular service can be challenging. No refunds are issued for overpayment (Policy).


Visitor Parking (How it normally works)

At 2.53 square kilometers, the small, picturesque seaside Village of Lions Bay on the eastern shore of Howe Sound is one of the smallest municipalities in BC. With narrow residential streets and such a small land mass, parking is always at a premium, particularly in the summer months.

Visitors are encouraged to use public transportation to visit Lions Bay's parks. All three beach parks are a short walk away from bus stops on the 262 Translink/Bluebus route.

If you do need to park in Lions Bay, pay close attention to parking signage. Most streets below the highway are restricted to residents with parking permits. Metered pay parking is available for visitors from April 1, 2021 to mid-September at:

  • Kelvin Grove Beach Park Lot – Park and lot closed from 10 pm to 8 am.
  • Lions Bay Beach Park Lot – Park closed from 10 pm to 8 am.

*If these lots are full, drop off your group and find a spot on an unrestricted street above the highway and walk back down. No boat or camper trailers or RVs permitted.

  • Sunset Trailhead Lot - Multiday parking available for mountain hikers up to 72 hours. *Free overflow parking is at the Lions Bay Elementary School Parking Lot on weekends and in summer when the school is not in session.

Payment for metered parking may be made by coins, credit card, or the new Flowbird App. *Download the Flowbird App before you come to Lions Bay to avoid any onsite downloading issues in Lions Bay where cellular service can be challenging. DO NOT USE THE “MAX” KEY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY 3 DAYS OF PARKING FOR $72.

If you are visiting Brunswick Beach, you need to park above the highway where the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has designated free parking at the northbound Brunswick interchange. *Do not park on the on/off ramps or on the highway shoulder as you will be ticketed and towed.

Resident Parking Permits

Resident Parking Permits are required for 'Permit Parking Only' areas of which there are several throughout the Village: 

  • Lower Kelvin Grove (Tidewater Way, Sweetwater Place, Periwinkle Place)
  • Brunswick Beach (all of Brunswick Beach Road)
  • Lower Lions Bay (full length of Lions Bay Avenue, Cloudview Place, Seaview Place, Southview Place)
  • Trailheads (Sunset Drive, Mountain Drive below Sunset Dr.)

Two complimentary Resident Parking Permits are included with the 2019 property tax notices and expire March 31, 2022.  Permits are to be affixed to the top left of the front windshield. 

Residents with valid, properly displayed Resident Parking Permits are encouraged to use the available, restricted street parking areas to ensure the metered parking areas are available for visitors to Lions Bay.

Residents with valid, properly displayed Resident Parking Permits may also park for free in the metered Kelvin Grove Beach Park Lot and the Sunset Trailhead Lot, but must pay for parking in the metered Lions Bay Beach Park Lot from mid-May to mid-September.

Residents may transfer the Permit to a tenant or visiting relative or guest, but shall not sell or otherwise transfer Permits to non-residents.

If the Permit is lost or if an owner has additional vehicles requiring a Resident Parking Permit, there is a $40 charge for each Permit.

Daily Guest Parking Permits

Residents also receive a limited number of Daily Guest Parking Permits for relatives or guests which must be filled out to be valid for on-street parking in Permit Parking Only areas until up to noon the following day. Residents may contact the Village Office for additional Daily Guest Parking Permits as needed.

*Note, Daily Guest Parking Permits are not valid in any of the metered parking lots.

Construction Parking Permits

Homeowners or Construction Managers may obtain Construction Parking Permits from the Village Office for contractors working on construction projects. The cost for these Permits is $40 for 3 months and allows parking in Permit Parking Only areas adjacent to the project, if applicable.

Parking Tickets

  • PAY a parking ticket/ bylaw notice online  (To pay online you will need your ticket and licence plate #) Currently the online payment portal is only accepting payments by credit card; this service is being provided by a third party provider; processing fees are remitted to this provider. The processing fee is 2.5% of the total being paid.
  • DISPUTE a parking ticket


In the event that you are towed, call Payless Towing at 604-988-4176 or 604-988-2911. Their office and yard is located at 311 Mansfield Place in North Vancouver. The cost to retrieve your vehicle will depend on where your car was towed from and how long it sits in the yard. The approximate cost from Lions Bay is $150 plus tax and an extra $35/day plus tax for storage in the yard. View POL-1602: Towing Policy (approved by Council June 7, 2016)

Canadian National Railway

If you have non-emergency concerns, such as noise, train whistling, general property maintenance, etc. regarding the railway, CN has a Public Inquiry Line. To contact the team (Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., ET) call 1-888-888-5909 or email