Parks & Open Spaces

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For information on the Lions Bay Beach Park Revitalization Project and Draft Concept Plan, click here

The picturesque beauty of the Village of Lions Bay’s parks and open spaces are continually gaining in popularity. The steep slopes provide some of the lower mainland’s most popular trails and unparalleled vistas and views of Howe Sound and its many Islands. Lions Bay is home to three public parks: the Kelvin Grove Beach Park, the Lions Bay Beach Park, and the David & Tom Wade Memorial Park.

Lions Bay Beach Park

The Lions Bay Beach Park is the most central of the Village's beaches and can be accessed via the Lions Bay Avenue exit from the Sea to Sky Highway. This picturesque park sports two play structures, manicured grass, a sandy beach, and a cordoned off swim area complete with a float for the kids to play on. It's gently sloping terrain offers a spectacular view of the Howe Sound. Parking space is limited and tickets can be purchased through the Lions Bay Marina


For information on the Lions Bay Beach Park Revitalization Project and Draft Concept Plan, click here

Kelvin Grove Beach Park

The Kelvin Grove Beach Park is the southernmost beach in the Village of Lions Bay and is accessed via the Kelvin Grove exit from the Sea to Sky Highway. The entrance to the park is located at the foot of Tidewater Way and parking is available at the parking lot just above the railway tracks. 


The beach park is an off-leash dog area with a trail that leads to its natural beaches, a community garden and a picnic area. Park amenities include washrooms, pet waste bags, garbage and recyclable containers.


Kelvin Grove Beach offers glorious sunsets and superb diving for all skill levels. Underwater features include rocky reef structures and as stepped wall with a sandy ledge at 26-28 meters and a further drop-off ideal for deep dives drops down far beyond recreational dive limits. Sealife includes urchins, shells, sea stars, sea cucumbers and a variety of small fishes like grunt sculpins, rockfish and painted greenlings. In deeper water you can see cloud sponges and if you're lucky, some deepwater sixgill sharks.

Brunswick Beach

Brunswick Beach is the northernmost beach in the Village of Lions Bay and is accessed via the Brunswick Beach Road exit from the Sea to Sky Highway. Please note that this neighbourhood is a Resident Parking Only zone - a valid Resident Parking Permit is required.


This secluded natural beach provides stunning views of Howe Sound. There are no amenities located at this park or in the neighbourhood.

The Tom and David Wade Memorial Park

The Tom and David Wade Memorial Park is located at 39 Isleview Place and is a small but lovely space with a picnic table. benches and level lawn. Come and relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Marjorie Meadows

Marjorie Meadows was created by long time resident and visionary Marjorie Meredith, as a beautiful sanctuary in the centre of Lions Bay. It is located just south of the Village Office and Broughton Hall. Beautifully situated on the north side of Harvey Creek, this 180 meter long off leash, gated dog run is a perfect place for a quick leg stretch for you and your pups. Dog bags and garbage bin are provided for you to pick up after your pets.

The Native Plant Garden

Located just south of the Lions Bay Avenue underpass, the Native Plant Garden boasts a robust selection plant materials native to the Lions Bay area. The primary goal of the garden is to spread awareness of how to preserve native plants and restore lost biodiversity to the region.


Visit the garden and look for the native columbine, Aquilegia formosa, the Village’s floral emblem.