The Village of Lions Bay is a small seaside community nestled at the base of the Coast Mountain Range. The famous Twin Sisters or the Lions for which the Village is named, stand guard over the community. Geologists believe that these two peaks – the West Lion which stands at 5,401 feet (1646 m) and the East Lion which stands at 5,245 feet (1599 m) – are the remnants of a volcanic cone.

Lions Bay is home to dozens of mountain hiking trails and a handful of local connector trails. The local connector trails were created by a dedicated group of volunteers whose purpose was to connect the community and to enjoy the forests and views of the majestic Howe Sound. Many of the local connector trails boast view points and interpretative signage for hikers to enjoy but these local connector trails are not maintained to any approved standard. Use at your own risk!

Rules and Safety Precautions

Warning: Trails may not be safe during times of high winds and heavy rains due to tree blow down, falling debris, rock fall hazards and swollen creeks.

Caution: Slipping hazards at all times, always stay on the trail. Trails inside and outside the municipal boundaries of Lions Bay are maintained in large part through the efforts of independent volunteers.  Use all trails at your own risk!