Backcountry Hiking

BC’s rugged Coastal Mountains will take your breath away!

It’s a place full of mountains, fjords, and islands that provide a wonderland of hiking experiences for those seeking stunningly beautiful views, a break from the urban grind, the spirituality and peace of the natural outdoors, or some vigorous exercise. Each year thousands of trail enthusiasts trek into our backyard wilderness for some fun, healthy, and affordable activity. And each year, local volunteer-run rescue groups respond to hikers who’ve become lost, injured, or, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, have lost their lives. Before you head out into the backcountry, be prepared. Read Adventure Smart Canada's Get Informed & Go Outdoors brochure and plan your trip accordingly! 

Backcountry hiking is not to be taken lightly.

  • Prepare yourself for your hike by familiarizing yourself with the environment, terrain, wildlife, and weather conditions of your route.
  • Make sure that friends and family know where you’re headed, your route, and your departure and arrival times.
  • Use your outdoors experience and take advantage of your common sense. Be prepared for dehydration, fatigue, wild animals, insects, and most importantly, the weather.
  • Remaining aware and prepared in addition to planning ahead are the main ways that hikers can prevent disasters from happening.
  • Basic outdoor survival items to take with you on any hike include a compass, map, lighter, water, food, and weather gear.

Many organizations promote safety tips for hiking in the back country, read them before you head into our backyard wilderness: