Water Conservation

Lions Bay is surrounded by natural waterways and often experiences wet winters with copious amounts of rainfall. It's easy to forget that our surface water supplies are limited and can dwindle away during hot, dry summers.

Water Restrictions are in effect June 1 to September 30. See Schedule A of the Outdoor Water Use Bylaw No. 484, 2016 for a reminder of what is applicable under each conservation level. Watering your lawn outside of allowed times and without a water exemption permit could result in a $100 fine.

Most lawns only need about one inch of water per week, including rainfall. This is equal to one hour of watering.

Current Water Conservation Level: 2


What We Do: Water Leakage & Loss Control

Water losses account for approximately 26% of the Village’s daily water production. While it is not possible to completely eradicate water leaks within the system, Public Works strives to minimise water losses through pressure management and active leakage control:

Pressure Management – Public Works manages water pressure throughout its network of pressure reducing valve stations. Pressures are kept at the minimum possible in order to extend pipe longevity and reduce leakage,

Active Leakage Control – Public Works performs annual draw down testing to determine overall leakage rates throughout the Village’s storage and distribution system. A biannual leak detection program involves checking each residential lot and each fire hydrant using acoustic methods to actively locate leaks. Continual monitoring of consumption rates for spikes in water use may also trigger active leak investigations.

What You Can Do: Conserve Water

With all the rainfall we receive here in Lions Bay, it can be easy to forget that our water supplies aren't limitless. Rainfall and mountain snowpacks combine to provide much of our surface water supply and both are being drastically impacted by climate change. With warmer annual temperatures and longer dry spells, combined with reduced snowpacks and earlier spring melting, there is an ever-increasing strain on our existing summer water supply when available water is least plentiful.

By using a little less and not wasting it, we can continue to meet demand, no matter what season!

Making water conservation an everyday priority is a vital step toward reducing water usage. Only you can take this important step. It’s easy and requires minimal effort. It may be as simple as turning the tap off while brushing your teeth or reducing the length of your showers.

You can literally reduce your water consumption by 10 - 40 % without making any major lifestyle changes! Read our Water Conservation Brochure to find out how.

Outdoor Water Use Bylaw No. 484, 2016

The Outdoor Water Use Bylaw No. 484, 2016 governs water conservation within the Village of Lions Bay and includes effective dates, restricted activities, and allowable uses. Schedule A of the Bylaw provides a reminder of what is applicable under each conservation level.