Board of Variance

Council Chambers

Every municipality that has a zoning bylaw must have a Board of Variance. The Board of Variance is governed by the Board of Variance Bylaw No. 502, 2016, as amended. For a community the size of Lions Bay, a board of 3 members is appointed by Council for a 3 year term. Current Board of Variance members are:

Morgan Gatto

Scott Gordon

David Lee
Board Secretary: Susan Loutet

The Board of Variance may, on a finding of hardship, grant relief to an applicant from complying with the strict terms of a zoning bylaw dictating setbacks from the property lines or restricting the permissible height of a building or structure. Council has a similar jurisdiction to grant variances. The Board of Variance meets as needed to consider applications. To apply for a variance you must submit a completed application form to the Village Office after which a meeting of the Board of Variance will be arranged.