Bylaws are the rules and regulations by which local governments legislate. They have the force of law within the jurisdiction of the local government. New bylaws and bylaw amendments must go through three readings before being adopted by Council. Generally, this process occurs over 3 separate Council meetings, although it can be fast tracked to two meetings. Some bylaws such as OCP and Zoning amendments usually require a public hearing, while others may require Provincial approval. Some, such as loan authorization bylaws, require both Provincial approval and elector approval (eg: referendum). For new or amending bylaws currently under consideration, please refer to the most current Council Agenda and Minutes found here.

Disclaimer: The Bylaw Directory below is for convenience only. Please note that the directory does not contain a comprehensive list of all Village of Lions Bay bylaws, and the bylaws provided may not contain the latest amendment(s). While we make every effort to ensure the bylaws on our website are accurate, the municipality does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

If you require a true copy of a bylaw for legal purposes, please contact:

CAO/Corporate Officer
Telephone: (604) 921-9333