Committees are often used by local governments to share the workload amongst Council and to provide an opportunity for members of the community to give input and advice to Council. The general forms of committee are as follows:

Standing Committee

A committee formed by the Mayor acting under the authority of section 141 of the Community Charter for matters the mayor considers would be better dealt with by committee. At least half the members of a standing committee must be Council members. An example of this in Lions Bay would be the Infrastructure Committee.

Select Committee

A committee formed by resolution of the Council acting under the authority of section 142 of the Community Charter to consider or inquire into any matter and to report its findings and opinion to the council. At least one member of a Select Committee must be a Council member. An example of this in Lions Bay was the former Parking Plan Committee.

Committee Formed by Bylaw

A committee which is, as the name states, created by the Council passing a bylaw which creates and provides a Terms of Reference for their powers and responsibilities. Generally, these are “advisory committees”, intended to provide advice or recommendations on a regular basis regarding a particular subject matter. An example of this in Lions Bay would be the Trees, Views and Landscapes Committee.

Current Lions Bay Committees:

All committee proceedings are open to the public, unless closed under one of the grounds enumerated under section 90 of the Community Charter

Council Strategy Committee (CSC)

Though comprised of the Mayor and Council members, Council Strategy Committee Meetings are not considered formal Council meetings. When Council meets as the CSC, no final decisions are made but rather  recommendations can be made to Council that must be considered at a properly convened Council Meeting in order to be acted on or implemented. CSC meetings provide an opportunity for Mayor and Council to discuss issues less formally and in advance of actual decision making.

Infrastructure Committee (IC)

The Infrastructure Committee consists of a select group of residents appointed by Council. Their mandate is to provide knowledgeable long-term strategic review, guidance and recommendations on Lions Bay’s infrastructure, to enable Council to plan and execute spending to efficiently sustain and enhance the Village’s amenities, quality of life, property value, safety and environment. The Infrastructure Committee’s role is advisory and it has no authority to approve or implement decisions. The IC’s Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


Visit the Reports & Documents Library and filter by "Infrastructure" for a variety of reports and documents.

Trees, Views and Landscapes Committee (TVLC)

The purpose of the Trees Views and Landscapes Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to Council on matters related to the development, interpretation, enforcement and future direction of tree management in the Village of Lions Bay. It is the first point of reference for Tree-Cutting Permit applications under the Tree Bylaw, and is expected to provide balanced and objective advice to Council on these applications. 

The committee meets to review applications by residents to cut down or trim trees on municipal property. Their meetings take place at the location of the proposed cutting and affected or interested residents are free to attend. The Committee’s recommendations are included on the next Council Agenda for the Council’s consideration in deciding the tree cutting or trimming application.The Trees, Views and Landscapes Bylaw No. 393, 2007, as amended, includes the Terms of Reference for the Committee.

Lions Bay Beach Park Advisory Committee (LBBPAC)

This committee was formed in order to develop ideas for the revitalization of the Lions Bay Beach Park (LBBP). The members serve on an advisory group which will assist Municipal staff with public engagement and ideas for developing the park for the future. The LBBPAC Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


The recent Lions Bay Beach Park Survey results can be viewed here. Top takeaways from the 128 survey responses included:


  • the top 3 uses of the Lions Bay Beach Park were beach related: swimming, playing on the sand and suntanning.
  • the top 3 events attended were the Canada Day celebration, the Firefighters Day event and the Halloween Fireworks; discussion ensued on whether the park can be configured to better accommodated these events - eg: larger, more useful gazebo structure, location for such a structure, etc.- members agreed that a new gazebo structure should be installed at the lower portion of the park as opposed to the upper portion of park; other ideas were also discussed such as including a basketball/multi-use court at the south end of the flat upper grassy area.
  • in response to the question re. what changes are needed, most replied that items listed were “Just Right”, other than requests for more benches and picnic tables, more toilets and change room facilities.
  • in response to the question re. capital investments, the following was noted:
    • people were generally not in favour of terracing, but the committee noted that some terracing may be required, especially if a gazebo is to be built in the lower portion of the park;
    • outdoor, cold, freshwater showers was the top request;
    • replacement of plumbing fixtures was heavily favoured;
    • responses and committee feedback indicated the toddler and youth play areas needed to be kept separate, but could be relocated if kayak racks are moved to the Marina side of the park – this would be logical as it’s closer to the beach and kids could be better observed by parents, etc.;
    • responses favoured a new kayak rack and the committee agreed it should be on the Marina side of the park – staff looking into designs and costs;
    • stone steps were noted to be in need of repair/replacement;
    • responses favoured replacing the Lori Beck gazebo and providing a new gazebo or pavilion/shelter – the committee agreed with this and consensus was that it would make sense to have it within the lower portion of the park (discussion and tentative agreement to move Lori Beck plaque to new structure).
    • additional ideas discussed included basketball/multi-use court up top, concrete ping pong tables and shuffleboards, etc.
Memorial Committee (MC)

The Memorial Committee was formed in order to design a memorial in honourof our veterans of war, and to plan and implement that design into a respectful monument for the Village of Lions Bay.


The MC Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

Curly Stewart Memorial Trust Fund Award Committee

The Curly Stewart Memorial Trust Fund Award Committee was formed in order to advise Council on the selection of a high school applicant for the annual award of a scholarship from the Curly Stewart Memorial Trust Fund.


The Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

50th Anniversary Committee

The Village of Lions Bay 50th Anniversary Committee is designated as a volunteer Committee of Council to plan, coordinate and organize events to take place in 2021 to commemorate the Village of Lions Bay’s 50th Anniversary as an incorporated Village.

The Terms of Reference can be viewed here

Climate Action Committee

The Village of Lions Bay Climate Action Advisory Committee’s mandate is to provide a local perspective and advice to Council to mitigate the Village’s corporate and community Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) reduction targets, policies, and actions related to Climate Action, as identified in the Official Community Plan (OCP).

The Terms of Reference can be viewed here