Public Input

Note: As of December 2, 2020, the Provincial Health Order prohibits in-person attendance to any Council or Committee meeting until such time as the Order is rescinded or changed. You may still attend via electronic means (Zoom). The link to the meeting is provided on the agenda the Friday before the meeting.

Council and committee meetings are where Council and select members of the public conduct the municipality's business.The Village of Lions Bay believes in open and accessible government and invites – and encourages – residents and members of the public to attend Council meetings and other public input sessions.

There are several options for providing input to Council:

1. Appearing as a Delegation

An individual or group may appear as a delegation before Council to submit a request for action, register a complaint, or provide updates or information to Council on any issue, projects, or programs that fall within the jurisdiction of Council. Delegations are usually residents making a specific request for action to Council.

Residents wishing to address Council as a Delegation may speak for up to 10 minutes. A Delegation Request Form must be submitted prior to 12:00 noon on the Thursday prior to a Regular Meeting of Council. The form can be delivered through the Village Office mail slot or via e-mail. If your application is received after this deadline, arrangements will be made to have your delegation request presented at the next available meeting. 

The Delegation Request will be reviewed by the Corporate Officer who will determine if the matter is considered to fall within the jurisdiction of Council. 

2. Asking questions or making comments during the Public Input period

At the beginning of each Council meeting, time is allotted to provide members of the public to ask questions or make comments on any topic for up to 2 minutes. You can sign up as soon as the agenda is announced or up to the start of the Council meeting. No requests are taken after the meeting starts and the maximum time permitted for this part of the meeting is 10 minutes (e.g.: 5 residents at 2 minutes each).

3. Speaking during the Public Question and Comment period

At the end of each Council meeting, Council extends an invitation for individuals to speak during the Public Question and Comments period. Individuals may address Council on any matter that was discussed at that Council Meeting. No prior pre-registration is required and each speaker will be limited to two minutes.

4. Writing a letter (via mail, email, or fax)

If you wish to submit a letter or e-mail on a specific topic to be placed on a Council agenda, it must be received by the Village Office by noon on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting. Your letter must be addressed to:

Mayor and Council
c/o Chief Administrative Officer
PO Box 141, 400 Centre Road
Lions Bay, BC V0N 2E0

You may also fax your letter to 604 921 6643, or e-mail to

Please note that all correspondence submitted to the Village of Lions Bay will be subject to Correspondence Policy No. 1405. Personal and identifying information is subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act and will be redacted prior to appearing in the public domain.

Correspondence to Council will be approved by the Corporate Officer and may, on occasion, be omitted from the agenda. This may be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Staff may be preparing a report in response to your concerns and your letter will be placed on the same agenda as the staff report
  • Your concerns and letter may be better addressed by a Committee and will be so directed by the Corporate Officer
  • or your letter may contain information which is not suitable for a public agenda and will be dealt with on a confidential basis.

If any of these circumstances occur, the Corporate Officer or his/her delegate will provide you with further detail.