Wildfire Risk Reduction and Fuel Management

Closing Date
Competition Closed
Public Works

Addendum #2

The Municipality has clarified the requirement for work within Zone 1. See the attached Addendum 2 pdf in the documents section.

Addendum #1: 

The Municipality would like to initiate the works as soon as possible; however, the critical completion date for any works is January 14th, 2022. Please note that communications with the residents is essential and works must be coordinated to allow for a notification period. The Municipality will negotiate a work plan and notification period with the successful bidder.

Initial Summary: 

The Municipality invites proposals from qualified and experienced contractors to provide all labour, materials, equipment, and related services to provide for wildfire risk reduction through fuel reduction and clean up at 3 critical infrastructure sites which are vital to our daily operations:

1. Kelvin Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant
2. Magnesia Creek Water Treatment Plant
3. Harvey Creek Water Treatment Plant

Prospective contractors are required to visit these publicly accessible sites in order to gain an understanding of the site conditions and constraints that will be encountered.

See SCHEDULE A - SCOPE OF SERVICES within the RFP for full details.