Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD)

Metro Vancouver, or Metro - legally, Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD)

Metro Vancouver comprises 21 member municipalities, one electoral area and one treaty first nation. Through Metro Vancouver each member municipality has a say in how the region is run. The MVRD, Metro Vancouver Water District (MVWD) and Metro Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (MVSDD) Boards of Directors comprise Mayors and Councillors from the member municipalities, on a "representation by population" basis, but Lions Bay does not sit on either of the latter two boards as we do not receive water or sewer services from Metro.

Metro Vancouver:
  • Delivers essential utility services, such as drinking water, sewage treatment, recycling and garbage disposal, economically and effectively on a regional basis,
  • Maintains and enhances the quality of life in the region by managing and planning growth and development and protecting air quality and green spaces.
Four separate corporate entities operate under the name Metro Vancouver:
  • Metro Vancouver Regional District
  • Metro Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District (excludes Lions Bay)
  • Metro Vancouver Water District (excludes Lions Bay)
  • Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation
Current Metro Committees include the following:
  • Aboriginal Relations
  • Building Project Task Force
  • Climate Action
  • Electoral Area Committee
  • Finance and Intergovernment
  • Housing¬†
  • Mayors
  • Performance and Audit
  • Regional Culture
  • Regional Economy
  • Regional Parks
  • Regional Planning
  • Utilities
  • Zero Waste
  • Voting Allocation Task Force

The Village of Lions Bay is within the Urban Containment Boundaries of Metro as shown in this map:

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