Receive Emergency Communications - Sign Up For LB Alert Today!

August 16, 2019


Some time ago the Village of Lions Bay provided you the chance to sign up for LBAlert, a free emergency notification system that provides quick and concise updates about adverse emergency events that may impact you or your loved ones.

Creating and activating an account only takes a few moments of your time and you only need to provide a few pieces of information. To start the process visit our website and fill out our simple sign up form. Here you will provide us with your name, email address and what neighbourhood you live in. After submitting our sign-up form you will receive an email from ePACT, the emergency notification service provider utilized by local governments like Lions Bay, Squamish and the SLRD.

Complete the sign-up process by creating your ePACT account so that you can receive emergency messages from LBAlert. Your phone number and email address will only be used to contact you through the LBAlert system.

Some residents have started the process of signing up for LBAlert but have not created their ePACT account to complete the process. Please do so as soon as possible so we can begin to utilize LBAlert to its fullest potential in the event of an emergency or a disaster.

Once you finish the registration process, you will receive emergency messaging by LBAlert only if:

1) there is an emergency/disaster that requires you to take or be prepared to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones, or

2) there is a test of the LBAlert system, scheduled to occur twice per year in October and May.

Be in the know when it matters most. Sign up and/or complete your LBAlert registration today!