Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The new coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and national states of emergency have been declared in many, if not most countries, including Canada. BC has also now declared a Provincial State of Emergency, along with the Public Health Emergency declared by the Provincial Health Officer and the prohibition of gatherings of more than 50 people. The public is also directed to maintain “social distancing”, keeping a distance of approximately 2 metres others to help prevent the spread of the virus.

VOLB RFP 19.01 Kelvin Grove RBC WWTP Engineering Services

Summary Details:

The Village of Lions Bay (the "Municipality") invites proposals from experienced specialized engineering firms in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) RFP.19.01 "Kelvin Grove RBC WWTP Engineering Services." The objective of this project is to facilitate the replacement of the existing RBC WWTP with a new, more efficient RBC within the existing footprint of the site and within our existing permit allowance.

Smoke Detectors

Numerous research studies show that working smoke detectors lead to reduced fatalities from residential structure fires. By alerting occupants to the presence of a fire and facilitating early response, smoke detectors have been demonstrated to save lives, reduce fire related injury, reduce the spread of fires, and reduce the damage caused by fire. EMBC research indicates that your chances of dying in a home fire can be reduced by as much as 74% if a working smoke detector is present in your home.

Water Storage Facilities Replacement [ITT-2018-60546407]

Addendum 3: Issued March 21, 2018

This addendum consists of an amendment to the Substantial Completion and Total Completion date.

Addendum 2: Issued March 14, 2018

This addendum consists of change to the Closing Date from March 21, 2018 to March 28, 2018. Additional items include changes in the substantial and total completion dates, revised drawings, and answers to questions posed by prospective bidders.

Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA) of Proposed Water Storage Facility Replacements in the Village of Lions Bay

This report presents the results of the Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA) of the proposed replacement of four potable water storage facilities in the Municipality of the Village of Lions Bay, B.C: the Harvey Tank; Phase IV Tank; Phase V Tank; and the Highway Tank. The AOA was conducted in order to determine the potential of impacting archaeological sites as a result of the proposed developments. The AOA was conducted under the provisions of Squamish Archaeological Investigation Permit 17-0162 and Tsleil-Waututh Nation Cultural Heritage Investigation Permit 2017-097.

Notice of Disposition of Land - 52 Brunswick Beach Road

Pursuant to section 26 of the Community Charter, notice is hereby given that the Village of
Lions Bay proposes to dispose of land in accordance with the following:

Description of the Land: That Part of District Lot 1815, Group 1, New Westminster District, shown on Plan EPP69335, Parcel Identifier 030-190-011, as indicated in Schedule A attached to Road Closure Bylaw No. 517, 2017 (the “Land”), which may be viewed at

Natural Hazards Assessment Study

The Village of Lions Bay is seeking a consultant with expertise in geomorphology, hydrology and geotechnical experience for the preparation of a reconnaissance natural hazard assessment study for land within Lions Bay.  The study will form the basis for designating Development Permit Areas and developing Development Permit guidelines for alteration of land, subdivision and development on land subject to, or potentially subject to, hazardous conditions.

Telecommunications Tower & Wireless Service Opportunities

The Village of Lions Bay (the "Municipality") is interested in the utilization of Municipality-owned lands for the building and operation of telecommunications towers. The Municipality would like to work with industry service providers to improve wireless services to its residents while managing the impacts of new infrastructure on the community.

Enquiries regarding the RFP process may be directed to:
Nai Jaffer, Public Works Manager
T: 604-921-9833 / E:

Close Proximity Bridge Inspections, Reports And Load Ratings

The Village of Lions Bay (the "Municipality") invites proposals from experienced specialized engineering firms in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) RFP.17.10 "Close Proximity Bridge Inspections, Reports and Load Ratings." 

The objective of this project is to inspect the 8 vehicular bridges within the Municipality's jurisdiction that require a detailed, close proximity inspection by a qualified inspector.

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