Community Wildfire Protection Plan

In 2006, B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd. were retained to develop Community Wildfire Protection Plans for nine municipalities, including the Village of Lion’s Bay, in consultation with the GVRD and representatives of participating member municipalities. The project was funded by the GVRD, participating municipalities and a supplementary grant from the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

The key priorities for wildfire management planning in the Village were identified as:

  • Hazard and risk mapping of the Village to establish areas of the community that are at greatest risk from fire;
  • Communication and education to local residents, all levels of government, and the general public;
  • Review of the policy and planning tools available to improve structure protection within the Village;
  • Review of emergency response capability in terms of access in and out of the Village and available resources;
  • Training for Fire Department departments and volunteers;
  • Fuel management within and around the municipal boundary; and,
  • Post-fire rehabilitation.

A Wildfire Risk Management System (WRMS) was developed to identify key areas of risk within the community and to support the development of the Village of Lions Bay Wildfire Protection Plan.