Crime Prevention

Block Watch

Block Watch Society of BC provides a program where neighbours watch out for neighbours by discouraging and preventing crime at the local level. The ultimate success of Block Watch depends largely on a commitment to cooperate between area residents, the Squamish RCMP — and more importantly, between residents themselves.   
It also helps to promote community awareness and community pride. Block Watch encourages active participation in crime prevention. To get involved either as Captain, Co-Captain or participant in your block, please contact Lions Bay Block Watch Coordinator Ruth Simons by phone at (604) 921-6564.

Don't sit back – be proactive, and take part in your community. A break and enter can be prevented if criminals know there are watchful neighbours. Get involved with Block Watch now, before you have been a victim of a break and enter.

Benefits of the Block Watch program
  • studies have shown that crime is reduced in active Block Watch neighbourhoods
  • Block Watch teams can develop a sense of community pride and connection with their neighbours
  • you will learn how to better protect your home, identify suspicious behaviour and more effectively report it
  • active Block Watch teams have direct access to a police officer for support and guidance in dealing with your neighbourhood crime issues
What Is Required of Block Watch Volunteers?
  • Each block area requires a Block Captain and a Co-Captain to assist.
  • Becoming a Blockwatch captain is easy and has a very low time commitment
  • It is not necessary to be home all the time to be a Block Watch Captain or Co-Captain.
  • If you regularly talk with your neighbors and want to have a sense of pride and involvement in the community, then becoming a Blockwatch captain is perfect for you!

Preventing Child Sex Trafficking in BC

Buying and selling children for sex is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada, and it is happening in communities across BC.

Globalization, unregulated technology, lack of law enforcement and inadequate prevention education is allowing this crime to grow globally.

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