Emergency Program

All local governments in British Columbia are responsible for emergency planning for response to and recovery from major emergency events or disasters. This is accomplished by maintaining a current emergency plan, forging effective partnerships with municipal and regional partners, encouraging emergency preparedness through public outreach and education, offering Village residents free access to LB Alert - an emergency notification system, posting emergency notices and information, and ensuring an adequate complement of trained emergency personnel.

If the magnitude of the event overwhelms the capabilities of the Village of Lions Bay, the Province will assist by activating the provincial emergency management structure to support our emergency operations center (EOC). The function of the EOC is to support the disaster site in a variety of ways, such as acquiring supplies, coordinating agencies, providing public information, and managing evacuations, if required.  

The Village of Lions Bay emergency program does NOT coordinate or facilitate daily emergency response activities under the jurisdiction of the RCMP, Wildfire Management BC or the BC Ambulance Service. For more information about these services, visit the Emergency Services Organizations webpage.

Emergency Planning

The Village Emergency Program undertakes emergency planning to allow for the response to and recovery from major emergency events and disasters. Click here for more information. 

Be Prepared

Disasters can happen at any time, any place. Depending on the severity of the emergency you and your household could be on your own while officials help those who need it most. While this might sound scary, it does not have to be. With some planning and preparation you can be prepared to face the emergency. Click here to find out more.

Be Connected

LB Alert is an emergency notification system that enables the Village of Lions Bay to communicate important information quickly in the event of emergencies. Click here to sign up or manage your account.

Be Involved

Volunteers are an important aspect of many emergency programs; explore the different ways you can become involved by volunteering with the Village Emergency Program. Click here for more information.

Emergency Notices

Copies of Emergency alerts, notifications and orders can be accessed here.