Emergency Program Volunteer Opportunities

Lions Bay ESS: The Lions Bay Emergency Support Services volunteer team is trained to respond to assist those needing emergency food, clothing, and shelter. The team is made up of both men and women with various skills, experiences and backgrounds, each of whom contribute to the team’s overall competence and capacity. Members are comprised of active duty and retired health care professionals, teachers, government employees, and homemakers to name a few. New members are always welcomed. No specific skills are required to become a volunteer.

What are some of the rewards in ESS?

Making a Difference: As an ESS volunteer, you are part of a team that provides lodging, food and a shoulder to lean on when disaster forces people from their homes.

Training: ESS volunteers obtain training through the Justice Institute, Canadian Red Cross, The Salvation Army and others. Training topics include Reception Centre and Group Lodging Operations, Family Reunification, Disaster Child Care, Meet & Greet, Emotional Support and more.

Recognition: Volunteers form the backbone of ESS. Recognition of their efforts may take many forms, including volunteer appreciation events, certificates, awards or letters from local government or provincial government, in addition to expressions of appreciation from peers, community members and those they have helped.

Protection: All ESS volunteers receive WorkSafe BC’s insurance and liability coverage while on assignment. 

Lions Bay Emergency Team: This is a small volunteer team that is used to begin setting up the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) upon notification of an emergency or disaster. During an EOC activation this team can be used to help staff the EOC during operations by filling various roles within the EOC. Initially volunteers on this team would undergo training in EOC fundamentals with further training provided in more specialized functions in the EOC as required. As experience is gained members of this team may be called upon to assist the Emergency Program in other aspects of emergency management. This is a perfect opportunity for those who have an interest in emergency management and are looking for an opportunity to give back to their community. For more information or to volunteer please email the Deputy Emergency Program Coordinator.

Please note: We want to ensure that our volunteers don’t have to worry about conflicting response priorities. Accordingly we are asking for those that volunteer for the LBET to have no other response-related volunteer responsibilities (i.e. Lions Bay ESS, Lions Bay Fire Rescue or Lions Bay SAR).