Emergency Planning

The Village of Lions Bay is responsible for developing plans and procedures to mitigate against, prepare for, assist with the response to and recover from large-scale emergencies and disasters. This process is done in partnership with local first response agencies and Village staff as the Emergency Program works to develop and implement plans to build community resilience against disasters.

Sign up for LB Alert - an emergency notification system that enables the Village of Lions Bay to communicate important information quickly in the event of emergencies. The service is free to residents living within the Village. 

Visit the Emergency Preparedness page to learn how to prepare yourself and your family in the event of disaster.

Emergency Program Bylaw

Recently updated to reflect updated terms of reference and new trends in Emergency Management, the Emergency Program Bylaw outlines the roles and responsibilities of those associated with the Emergency Program.


Emergency Program Bylaw No. 566, 2019

Emergency Plan

Like all municipalities, the Village is mandated by provincial legislation to prepare emergency plans to provide an overview of how the municipality should prepare and response to disasters and large scale emergencies. Recently updated, the 2019/2020 Emergency Plan has been streamlined and clarified to make it easier to understand and use and is supported by always evolving subject-specific annexes where needed.


Emergency Plan