Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Plan

To help protect occupants, firefighters, and the general public, and reduce potential damage caused by fires, a fire safety plan and a pre-incident fire plan are required for most multi-family, commercial, and industrial buildings in the Village, including those under construction.

A fire safety plan contains vital information about each building on a property, such as potential hazards, evacuation procedures, sprinkler system details, equipment shut-down procedures, and so on. It must be prepared by an approved fire safety planner, reviewed and passed by a Lions Bay Fire and Rescue.

Additional copies must be available for those responsible for the care and maintenance of the building.

If you are a building owner, agent, or manager, ensure you're familiar with all fire safety plan requirements.

Download the Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Plan Notification

Buildings that require a fire safety plan

The British Columbia Fire Code requires properties to have a plan based on building use or occupancy type.

In general, a fire safety plan is required for any building:

  • used for care, treatment, or detention
  • with a fire alarm system (as required by the BC Building Code)
  • where flammable or combustible liquids are handled or stored
  • where hazardous processes or operations take place
  • where construction or demolition is taking place

Get a complete list of buildings that require fire safety plans in Section 2.8 of the BC Fire Code.

Information you must include in your plan

Your plan must be created by an approved fire safety planner and include all necessary drawings, checklists, reports, forms, and other information, as listed here.

The main plan

The main plan is divided into a number of sections, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • site and floor plan drawings
  • fire planning objectives
  • instructions to occupants
  • fire equipment inspection, testing, and maintenance