Complaint or Witness Report

Provide your first and last name
Provide your full address including post office box number
Name of the person(s) involved or licence plate and description of the vehicle
What did you see, hear, smell, etc. and how did it affect you? For example, If your report is regarding noise, record how often the infraction occurred ( use multiple copies of the Witness Report form for each occurrence, or create a noise evidence log to record each date, start and stop time, noise description (eg: shrill, repetitive, thumping, penetrating, whooping, singing, amplified music, heard indoors, etc.) and how it affected you (eg: woke you up, gave you a headache, kids couldn’t get to sleep, etc.)
Describe in detail what actions, if any, you took to resolve the matter or incident. Document any additional persons or witnesses that may corroborate the evidence you've provided.
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