Before Making A Complaint

Bylaw Infractions

A bylaw infraction is an act committed or omitted in violation of a bylaw forbidding or commanding it.

If you witness an act or omission and wish to report it you must provide your name, address and contact information (phone, e-mail and/or mailing address), and your relationship to the property or individual about which you are registering the complaint. Click here to fill out our Bylaw Complaint Form.

Information On Filing A Complaint

Points to consider
  1. What is the act or omission you are reporting?
  2. How does the act or omission contravene a bylaw?
What evidence can you provide?

Photos or videos can be a great way to prove that the contravention occurred as alleged. When doing so, try to ensure the following:

  • The contravention taking place (i.e. the sprinkler turned on or car parked illegally, or noise occurring)
  • Date stamp (if available)
  • Property, house, physical marker identifying location
  • Person or company responsible
Do's and Don'ts

Don't guess when filling out the form, if you're not sure then leave the field blank
Don't include extraneous information or opinions, focus on the facts and only include relevant information
Don't use objectionable or abusive language
Don't discuss your report with anyone else or ask others for their comments on it — your statement should reflect what you witnessed and not what others think about the situation.

Do write your statement as soon as possible while the facts are clear in your mind
Do limit your account to the specific incident or incidents you're reporting
Do specify any other persons who were present and might have witnessed the incident(s)
Do try to recall and report the actual words used when reporting on a conversation that took place
Do treat the incident and your knowledge of it confidentially, as you would any personal and sensitive information under the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.