Utility Notices are mailed out by the Village at the end of February.  Payments made by March 31st receive a prompt payment discount.  The fees paid cover services provided from January to December of that year.

The user fees included on your bill are for the provision of water, curbside pick up of garbage, recycling and organics and for properties in Kelvin Grove, sewer fees are also included.

Payment Options
  • Pay using most telephone or Internet banking services provided by banks and credit unions (does not include over-the-counter payments at the bank or automated teller machines - please check with your banking service). If paying by this process, ensure there is enough  time for the bank to post the payment to the Village of Lions Bay before the deadline.
  • In-person by cheque or cash at the Village Office: 400 Centre Rd, Lions Bay
  • Mail or deliver a cheque to the Village Office early enough to be received before the deadline (post-dated cheques are acceptable).
  • Deposit payment in the after hours drop box at the Village Office on or before the deadline.
  • Credit Card - a processing fee will be applied by the third party provider.
  • Financial Institutions do not pay utility fees with property tax payments.  Taxpayers must pay their own Utility fees to avoid getting  caught with paying a penalty.
Utility Rate Bylaws
  • 2017 Water User Fees
  • 2017 Solid Waste Fees
  • 2017 Sewer User Fees