Fire Rescue Volunteers

Lions Bay Fire Rescue (LBFR) Members cumulatively volunteer over 2000 hours per month in training and shift time alone (not including emergency response). This means that each member volunteers 81 hours of their time per month plus more to attend calls. Every six months on average, LBFR members cumulatively volunteer over 12,500 hours to be ready for and to respond to emergency incidents.

Lions Bay Fire Rescue prides itself with recruiting the next generation of firefighters. The majority of our members are looking to volunteer and gain valuable experience in order to achieve the ultimate goal, a full-time career position in the fire service.

LBFRs recruitment process has been developed to ensure the candidate is the right fit for our department and the department is the right fit for the candidate. Our goal is to develop new firefighters that are self-motivated, dedicated, willing to learn and possess valuable personable skills.