Creeks & Drainage

Magnesia Creek at wooden bridge on Crystal Falls Road

The four primary watercourses within the Village of Lions Bay are:

  • Magnesia Creek
  • Alberta Creek
  • Harvey Creek
  • Rundle Creek

The Village's drainage system is designed to rapidly collect and conduct rain and groundwater away from roadways and residences to these nearby creeks thereby alleviating damage and protecting life and property.

Over time the use of inferior pipe materials, encroachments, driveway culvert installations with inadequately sized pipes, and infilling of open ditches has led to serious defects within this system. Public Works is actively working to correct deficiencies as resources allow.

Flood Response

Public Works monitors weather forecasts and conditions on an ongoing basis throughout the rainy season. Routine inspections are performed before and during heavy rain events in order to ensure positive drainage and reduce overland flow on roadways and the possibility of loss of life and property. 

Pre-storm event inspections focus on the ditch line and screens which are designed to trap larger materials before entering the enclosed culvert. Locating and addressing deficiencies such as obstructions and debris that may get carried downstream and block a culvert is an essential function of these pre-storm inspections.