Infrastructure Master Plan

The 2016 Infrastructure Master Plan is a planning document that is used by Public Works to identify existing infrastructure improvements required to maintain levels of service over the next 30 years, with particular emphasis on the next 5 years. The Infrastructure Master Plan:

  • is a comprehensive study reviewing the community’s water supply, sanitary disposal, storm water management, roadways and bridge infrastructure
  • confirms, valuates, and estimates the condition of the current inventory of the Village of Lions Bay’s water, sewer, drainage, roads, and bridge infrastructure assets
  • identifies deficiencies that affect the immediate, medium-term, and long-term functionality of these assets
  • establishes future capital improvement recommendations and strategic priorities related to infrastructure planning
  • assists in defining future budget trends and forms the basis of an accurate 5 year financial capital plan and estimates beyond that time frame
  • facilitates long term borrowing and grant funding opportunities
  • will form the cornerstone of the Village of Lions Bay’s asset management plan which is likely to become a statutory requirement for future grant opportunities

The Infrastructure Master Plan is an overarching planning document aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Village of Lions Bay’s water, wastewater, stormwater, roads, and bridge infrastructure. It provides high-level guidance for staff to ensure that the Village’s asset base is preserved for the community to rely upon.

The Village of Lions Bay's 2016 Infrastructure Master Plan (23 Mb)

At Council's Strategic Information Session held at the end of 2021, staff presented Council with a summary of the status of the projects in the Infrastructure Master Plan. This report can be found here:

Infrastructure Master Plan – 2021 Year-End Status Summary