Roads & Bridges

Roads and bridges constitute one of the largest classes of assets the Village’s Public Works Department manages. Public Works provides for the maintenance and repair of the Village’s paved and natural roads, bridges, pedestrian facilities, and boulevards.

Roadside Vegetation Management

Public Works annually trims vegetation at intersections, on corners, and in cul-de-sacs to improve line-of-sight and maintain visibility of stop signs, street name signs and other items related to public safety. Trimming vegetation also ensures large vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and garbage trucks can safely navigate the Village’s streets with a clear view of traffic safety devices.

Boulevard Maintenance

Residents are encouraged to actively maintain the boulevards fronting their residences. Vegetation such as hedges and shrubbery should be kept off the paved roadway and not hinder the passage of vehicles or impede the ability to see traffic signage and oncoming traffic.  Where residents are remiss, Public Works will issue notices informing residents of the concern.

Traffic & Lighting

Public Works performs inspections, maintenance, and repair of all traffic control devices and street lighting in order to provide motorists and pedestrians with safe and efficient roadways.  Road signage and pavement markings conform to the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC).

Snow & Ice Control

Snow and ice control services are prioritized, with heavily trafficked or arterial roadways being the highest priorities. Neighborhood roadways and cul-de-sac streets are cleared as time permits or once the snow event has subsided. Walkways and pedestrian paths to buildings and other facilities such as bridges and stairs are cleared on an as needed basis once time permits.