Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Kelvin Grove STP with roof removed showing RBC Disks

Public Works provides for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the sanitary sewer collection and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) servicing the residents of the Kelvin Grove neighbourhood. The Village of Lions Bay possesses a permit enabling the discharge of treated wastewater into the receiving waters of Howe Sound.

Effluent Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Wastewater discharged from the Kelvin Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant is sampled in accordance with our operating permit. Quarterly sampling for five-day biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids are recorded and submitted via an annual report to the Ministry of the Environment due in May of each year. 

Inspection Chambers

Sewer inspection chambers provide access to the lateral lines for inspection or unstop activities.  It is vital that residents understand where their inspection chamber is and to keep it visible and free of vegetation for use during an emergency.