Water Treatment & Distribution

Magnesia Creek Intake

Water Treatment & Distribution

Public Works manages the annual production of between 400 to 600 million litres of potable drinking water which complies with federal and provincial water quality standards while continually meeting system demand at all times. Lions Bay's water is treated in accordance with the federal Drinking Water Protection Act and the Provincial Drinking Water Protection Regulation. The Municipality also follows Health Canada's Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Regulatory monitoring of the Municipality's two water systems, Magnesia Creek and Harvey Creek, is mandated by our licence to operate which is provided through Vancouver Coastal Health.

In addition to this, Public Works staff ensures that treated water meets the strict water quality parameters set out in the federal Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. Public Works staff assures the safety and quality of the drinking water by monitoring water contaminants, turbidity levels, chemical usage, and treated water quality.

Water Monitoring & Quality

Public Works closely monitors the water quality of the Village’s water supply. Daily checks of the treatment plants are augmented by a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that allows Public Works to view and manipulate settings at the treatment plants. Daily, weekly, monthly, and biannual sampling of the Village’s water ensures that the Village’s water meets provincial and federal standards.

Each year Public Works submits a report on the prior year's drinking water quality. These reports can be found here.