Waste, Recycling, and Organics

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Public Works manages garbage, recycling and organics (food scraps and yard trimmings) collection to the residents of the Village via contracted services. Annually, over 150 tonnes of waste, 240 tonnes of organics, and 125 tonnes of recyclables are transported to landfills, composting, and recycling facilities.

Garbage is collected every other week on Fridays. On the morning of Collection, set your garbage out no earlier than 5:00 a.m. and no later than 7:00 a.m. Garbage cans are not provided by the municipality and can be purchased from retailers throughout the lower mainland and Squamish.

Waste reduction should be the goal of every resident in the Village of Lions Bay. If each of us makes a small change to our purchasing and disposal habits, we can collectively reduce the waste we create.

What to do with excessive waste, recycling and organics
Residents are permitted to put out two garbage bins and a reasonable amount of recycling and organics. Waste Control Services will pick up your organics and recycling as long as it fits within the guidelines outlined in their informational materials which can be viewed here. Additional garbage bins require a tag which can be purchased at the Village Office for $4. If you have and excessive amount of waste, recycling, organics, or yard trimmings, or items which are too big to fit into bins, please see below for a list of external companies who offer waste, recycling or organics services.



North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre
Phone: 604-681-5600
Website: www.metrovancouver.org


Keen on Green Recycle
Phone: 778-316-8272
Website: www.keenongreenrecycle.com


Junk Squad
Phone: 1-800-401-1951
Website: www.junksquad.ca


Recycle My Junk
Phone: 604-358-7463
Website: www.recyclemyjunk.ca


Please note, the Squamish Landfill is outside of Lions Bay's jurisdiction and is for Squamish residents only. Items will not be accepted from outside residents. The North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre can be used with proof of Lions Bay residency.