Residential organics pickup occurs every Friday by Waste Control Services For more information on what can and can't go into your green can check out this brochure

A third of the garbage in our landfills is organic material that could have been composted and used to enhance the environment. By understanding what products can go in the green bin, you can help keep more waste out of the garbage. This keeps more waste out of our landfills, reduces our methane contributions and creates valuable resources like compost and bioenergy.

Over 50% of the food waste generated in Metro Vancouver is avoidable. Wasting food means that all the resources used to produce that food is also wasted (e.g. water, land, and fuel). This wasted food costs a typical Metro Vancouver household about $700 per year. The good news is that this problem is easy to solve! To find out how, visit Love Food Hate Waste!

When food and other organics enter the waste stream they generate greenhouse gases that add to global warming. 

Please do not place invasive species into the organics waste stream. Invasive species must typically be disposed of at landfills or transfer stations. See the section on Invasive Species under the Community heading for more information. 

Organics Container Liners

For convenience and to reduce mess and odours, line your kitchen container with certified compostable cellulose lined paper bags, ordinary paper bags, newspaper, shredded paper or paper towel. 

Origami Newspaper Liners

Make your own compostable bag liners out of newsprint. Watch this how-to video or download these easy to follow instructions.

  • When you prepare food, place a couple of sheets of newsprint on the counter. Put in food scraps, roll up, and toss in your green bin.
  • Layer paper organics with food organics. For instance, layer food waste with layers of facial tissues or shredded paper.
Store Bought Liners (Beware)

Buyers of certified compostable plastic bags beware! If the package does not have a Canadian or US compostable logo, they are not acceptable and will lead to contamination of the entire load of organics.

Only buy packages that have these COMPOSTABLE logos:

Approved organic container liners are also available through Waste Control Services (604-986-9777) or via the Village Office.