Report A Missed Collection

Did we miss your garbage, organics or recycling bin?

Some of the common reasons that items do not get picked up include:  

  • They were not set out by 7:30am on the collection day
  • Weather-related road conditions made access to your street or lane unsafe
  • Roadwork, construction, or parking may have blocked access to your street or lane
  • Your garbage included items that we don't accept (see the Solid Waste and Recycling sections of our website).

Missed Collection

If we are unable to collect your garbage, recycling, or organics because weather related road conditions, roadwork or construction, please set it out again the following Monday by 7:30 AM (if the Monday is a statutory holiday set it out on Tuesday).

Report your missed pick-up by phone at 604-986-9777

If none of the aforementioned reasons seem to apply or for further clarification please contact Waste Control Services at 604-986-9777