Solid Waste

Residential garbage pickup is picked up on Friday of every second week, by Waste Control Services. If your household garbage pick-up was missed please contact them at 604-986-9777. Two garbage containers per household are permitted, and the total volume of waste cannot exceed 154 litres. Waste containers must be placed in front of your residence not earlier than 5:00 a.m. on pick up-day.

If you have more than two containers put out the additional container will not be picked up unless it is tagged. Tags can be purchased for additional cans at the Village Office. Each additional can costs $4.00.

Please read the Village’s Garbage and Recycling Collection Bylaw No. 455, 2013 for more information and tips on garbage collection in the Village of Lions Bay. Current Schedule: PDF Waste Collection Schedule for 2019.

Garbage Limits

Place your garbage at the road edge in cans with lids. You are allowed to place 154 litres of garbage per home each collection day. That equates to two 77 litre cans or garbage bags each weighing no more than 20 kg.


Additional garbage tags can be purchased throught the Village Office.

Banned Items

Before you toss it in the garbage - make sure it's not recyclable! The following items are not accepted or collected at the curb as garbage:

  • yard trimmings
  • food scraps
  • recyclables
  • oversized items
  • electronics or appliances
  • motor vehicle fluid
  • paints, pesticides, or other such fluids
  • prescription and over the counter drugs

Learn more about product stewardship programs and Metro Vancouver’s landfill bans at their website.

Styrofoam Disposal

Styrofoam, also known as expanded polystyrene, is a bulky, lightweight material that represents a large portion of the garbage in Metro Vancouver. It’s proven to be a challenging material to divert from the landfill due to the sheer number of products that styrofoam packaging is used for in manufacturing. There are also an unbelievable number of single-use cups and food containers distributed by businesses every day.


On July 1, 2018, Metro Vancouver implemented a ban on Styrofoam. Instead of being disposed of, Styrofoam can now be recycled. Local manufacturing companies can convert recycled EPS into products like picture frames, crown moulding, and fences.


Residents can drop off Styrofoam free of charge at specific recycling depots including the North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre at 30 Riverside Dr., off the Dollarton Highway east of Highway 1. To find alternate drop- off location or another facility, visit For more information on Styrofoam (EPS) recycling, call the Recycling Hotline at 604-REC-YCLE (604-732-9253). For more information read the attached brochure.