Wildlife & Waste

The Village of Lions Bay is natural habitat for animals and wildlife, especially bears. Read the Garbage and Recycling Bylaw No. 455, 2013 for rules and tips for reducing wildlife attractants.

To avoid attracting animals:

  • store all garbage and recyclables inside the house, shed or secure enclosure until the morning of collection
  • rinse your containers with a mild soap or vinegar and water solution to reduce odours

80% of interactions between bears and humans is caused by garbage. It may be a frightening experience for you - but it'll likely be a life-ending experience for the bear. Once accustomed to garbage as a source for food they need to be destroyed.

Manage your attractants so that wildlife such as bears don't have to be destroyed.

To learn more about bear attractants in your home,watch this North Shore Recycling Program video and check out the WildSafeBC Living With Bears website.