Humans are quite attractive to animals – it’s true! Our waste, gardens, pet foods, bird feeders, barbeques, gardens and composters all produce irresistible odours to wild and domesticated animals.

Attracting the wrong species can have serious outcomes. Preventing and avoiding attractants is the only way to avoid potentially costly damages or worse and can spare an animal’s life.  Take a moment to identify and neutralize any attractants on your property.

Report all Dangerous Wildlife sightings and encounters to the BC Conservation Officer Service, toll-free at 1-877-952-7277, at #7277 on your cell phone, or via their website.

The BC Wildlife Federation has developed a new App for you to be able to have conservation at your fingertips.

You will now have the latest fishing and hunting regulations at your fingertips. The app makes it easy for users to take geo-referenced, time-stamped photos or videos and to report issues related to illegal use or abuse of our natural resources. The app works both in and out of service using your phone’s GPS. Reports are sent to a secure server and forwarded automatically to the appropriate enforcement agency. To learn more go to their website at https://bcwf.bc.ca/initiatives/conservation-app

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The following resources provide in-depth information and tips on living with wildlife in BC