We’re Celebrating Lions Bay’s 50th Anniversary!

We’re Celebrating Lions Bay’s 50th Anniversary!

Village of Lions Bay Council has established a Select Committee that is planning exciting events and projects throughout the year.

Some of the exciting projects we are pursuing so far:

Discover Lions Bay Self-guided Walking Tour

Want to learn more about your community?  The 50th Anniversary committee has created the ‘Discover Lions Bay' walking tour. A self-guided walking tour that guides walkers to 10 points-of-interest throughout the Village of Lions Bay.   Either download or print the walking tour map and have it take you on a journey to learn more about what makes up our amazing community.

Each point of interest will be marked with a small sign indicating the point of interest and a QR code.  The QR code will direct you to the Village of Lions Bay webpage, where you can learn more about that point of interest. Whether you stop by one or all, it is a great way to get outdoors and discover your community.  

The walking tour will be available starting August 15th at the Lions Bay Arts Summer Art Show - 11 to 3 pm - Broughton Hall or at www.lionsbay.ca/DiscoverLB.

Fishing Derby: early fall

In May, the Committee launched a scarecrow competition. Check out the winners here