Council Strategy Committee Meeting December 1 & 2

December 2, 2020 4:00 pm

Council will be having open sessions of the Council Strategy Committee (CSC) on December 1 st and 2nd (4-7:30 pm each evening) for the purpose of updating the current Council Strategic Goals and Priorities.

Strategic planning and priority setting is a process that takes place each year in virtually every local government. It is a process wherein Council and staff review all ongoing, previously identified, and potential new projects, over and above the core work involved with operating a municipality and, within the framework of Council’s overarching goals and objectives, determine which matters are going to be prioritized in terms of the financial and staff resources required to advance them.

This helps shape the budget process, which swings into high gear in the New Year, ultimately leading to adoption of the budget for the year, along with the five-year financial plan, in late April or early May.

The Third Quarter Review was presented to Council in the October 20 Regular Council Meeting. This report (link below) includes the 2020 Capital Expense Summary. Council approved a resolution to suspend all uninitiated capital spending until after the Strategic Planning Session. This is your opportunity as a taxpayer to see where your tax dollars are being spent, and to have your say about which projects you believe should have priority and comment on expenditure in general.

The public is invited to provide comments or suggestions, by contacting Council at and, by Nov.26 th for inclusion in the Committee Agenda. You can view the meeting schedule and 2020 Council Strategic Planning and Priorities document (with identified draft updates for 2021) below.

Community members may also attend the sessions and speak at the beginning and end of the meetings during the 2 minute Public Participation and Public Comment opportunities. This is best done via the online digital platform, Zoom, as public capacity for Council Chambers is limited to 5 persons at a time due to COVID-19 restrictions. Links to participate online will be posted with the CSC Agenda on November 27th.

Third Quarter Review
2020 Capital Expense Summary
Have your Say - Strategic Goals - 2021 Priorities
5B On Table Correspondence
Smart Growth Principles of Development
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